A vast majority of us have been working from home over the last year. As more vaccines are administered and restrictions lifted, more of us can think about going back to the office. We are here to compare the pros and cons of working from home vs. working from the office and what you need to do both successfully.

Sit On It Furniture

If you are still working from home, you provide a solid start to staying safe during these times. For some extra cleaning power around the house, pick up some disinfecting wipes and sprays. Once everything is clean, it is time to turn your attention to your workspace. To avoid neck and back pain while at home, be sure to pick up an ergonomic chair and a standing desk. SitOnIt seating and desks are a perfect option for this. With fun colors and a comfortable seat with a mesh back allowing your back to breathe while still maintaining the support it needs is great for any occasion. Sit to stand desks help prevent daily fatigue and laziness. If you are looking for a wider variety, then see our most popular chairs here.

When returning to the office, there are extra steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Maintaining 6 feet of distance is still imperative to stop the spread of covid. Physical barriers like acrylic shields and taller office cubicle walls are also a great way to prevent germs. Making sure your office workstation is just as efficient as your home station is essential too. Getting a large sit-stand desk can help mix up your daily routine of sitting all day. We also offer design planning to help maximize the space in your office to allow more people to come back to work.
Whatever your needs are, our staff will work to make sure they are met. From office space redesign to new furniture for your home office, we have you covered.