Furniture Selection

Furniture Selection

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Purchasing furniture is a significant endeavor and requires thoughtful decision-making, as your choices will greatly influence the overall ambiance and functionality of the space.



In corporate environments, a recent study by architecture firm Gensler demonstrates a direct link between workplace performance and the quality of office furnishings. Innovative office design should be consistently applied across all areas, including workstation comfort, employee lounge layout, conference room adaptability, and the appeal of reception areas. At OIC, we offer exceptional solutions for every aspect of your office space.



We also cater to the furniture needs of the hospitality, healthcare, and learning sectors, offering products designed to meet the evolving demands of these industries. As design concepts continue to intersect and influence each other, our offerings emphasize shared spaces, traffic volume, and ease of maintenance.

Budget considerations are crucial when selecting furnishings. Making the right choices can significantly impact your business’s overall well-being, both physically and financially. While opting for less expensive furniture may seem appealing, lower quality items could cost more in the long run due to their reduced lifespan and compromised comfort. Our team can assist you in navigating the budget process by presenting “good, better, and best” options.

With over a decade of experience in commercial furniture, OIC is your trusted partner for all your furnishing needs. Contact us today or schedule an appointment to visit our Portland area showroom and explore the possibilities for your space.


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