Space Planning

Space Planning

Making the most out of your real estate

Office space planning can be a crucial step in a furniture purchase. It is the process of organizing the office functions, workplace layout, and furnishings to work effectively together while using space efficiently.

We start the process by understanding your company’s needs and culture with you, your in-house team, and/or your interior designer. Today’s topics include looking at what are the current necessities in the workspace and how do those necessities look in the future? How much space should be allotted per employee? Do the workspaces and coloration areas meet the safety requirements in the post-pandemic landscape? Deciding company policy on how to handle remote work has become a recent, and important, part of the conversation too.

To help you choose the option that works best, we use occupancy data, employee feedback, and principles of workplace design. Our designers utilize AutoCAD and CET software to create typicals and layouts, as well as colored renderings,

Addressing the needs of your workforce, a thoughtful layout, and flexible furnishings can go a long way towards creating a high-performance space in which people can thrive and productivity improves.

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