Design Consultation
Achieving the ideal blend of form and function is crucial for a stunning and practical space. Our skilled designers will guide you through furniture styles, fabrics, and finishes to create a cohesive, stylish, and functional environment. Discover the perfect products for your unique vision with our extensive selection. Don't wait—click and learn more about how we can help you transform your space today!
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Space Planning
Space planning is essential for a successful furniture purchase. We'll visit your location, assess your employees' needs, and create multiple layouts tailored to your company's culture and requirements. Using AutoCAD-generated 2D and 3D drawings, we'll help you choose a layout that optimizes your space for both current and future needs. With compatible components from various manufacturers, we'll design the perfect workspace to enhance your workflow. Read more about how we can transform your space.
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Ergonomic Assessment
Uncomfortable after a long day at work? Your workspace could be the culprit. Poor ergonomics can cause bad posture, discomfort, or even injury. Our certified ergonomic assessment specialists can evaluate your setup and recommend the ideal chair, keyboard tray, monitor arm, or desk height for you. Click and learn more about how we can help improve your workspace comfort today!
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Furniture Selection
Selecting the right furniture is a significant decision that can greatly influence the atmosphere and functionality of your space. With access to over 150 manufacturers and distributors, we provide versatile solutions for large or small corporate settings, as well as products tailored to the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Learning sectors. Read more to explore our extensive range of options to transform your space today.
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Project Management
From the initial concept to the final installation, we work with you and your design firm or your project service company to complete every step of the process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means individual attention and superior customer service from start to finish. By handling all the phases of your project, we can save you valuable time and money, and greatly improve both the process and the result.
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Delivery & Installation
Our professionally-trained installers are committed to making sure that your product is there when you need it, and that it looks even better than you'd hoped. We will work with you to find a delivery time that fits your schedule, and provide you with efficient, courteous installation. Our installers will capably tear down or rebuild existing product, reconfigure your workspace, make adjustments to existing desks or chairs, repair damaged items, or move you to a new location.
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Reconfiguration is an affordable alternative to a complete remodel. By utilizing some or all of your existing furniture, we can create a space that looks-and functions-like new. We will visit your space to take measurements, create a detailed inventory of your existing furniture and parts, then work with you to create a new plan that makes the best use of your space-whether it's your existing location or a new office. Our professional installers can dismantle your furniture, transport it if necessary, and rebuild it in the new layout. You may choose to add some new product to compliment your existing furniture, or simply let us re-imagine your space while creatively reusing the same pieces.
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Purchasing Contracts
Many of the manufacturers that OIC represents are aligned with purchasing organizations for public municipalities, private/non- profits, and healthcare sector procurement. Below is a listing of those types of organizations. We also welcome GSA qualified clients.
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