SitOnIt Focus

SitOnIt Focus

SitOnIt Focus Task Chair by SitOnIt

Energized with dynamic back, arm, and mesh choices, the SitOnIt Focus™ Task Chair, a perennial favorite, continues to deliver exceptional long-term comfort in any work setting. With an extensive range of customization options, this top-selling task chair offers versatility that adapts to your unique needs.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Focus™ prioritizes ergonomic support and comfort to keep you at your best during extended work hours.
  • Variety of Arm Styles: With nine ergonomic arm styles, including options with standard or Sport arm pads, you can tailor your chair to your preferred level of support.
  • Back Styles: The chair offers diverse back styles, including relaxed-fit upholstered, mesh, and an exceptionally ergonomic, flexible plastic back, all complementing its distinctive Y-shaped frame.
  • Comfortable Seat: The waterfall seat design promotes comfort and reduces pressure on your legs during prolonged sitting.
  • Accent Choices: Choose between sleek black or silver accents to enhance the chair’s overall aesthetic.

Discover the SitOnIt Focus Task Chair – a versatile seating solution that caters to your unique needs, ensuring you stay comfortable and productive throughout the workday.