Sitmatic Pogo

Sitmatic Pogo

Sitmatic Pogo by Sitmatic

Are you seeking a seating solution that combines stability, comfort, and freedom of movement? Look no further than the Sitmatic Pogo Standing Assist Stool. This innovative stool is designed to provide an unparalleled sitting experience, addressing the common wobble associated with many standing assist products.

Key Features:

  • PressureCast Seat Foam: Say goodbye to uncomfortable wobbling with the Pogo’s PressureCast foam cushions. These cushions maintain your seating comfort by preserving upholstery contours throughout the chair’s life, offering a long-lasting and comfortable sitting experience.
  • Unrivaled Freedom of Motion: If you’re tired of feeling like you’re wobbling on your seat, the Pogo is your solution. It provides the greatest range of motion among standing assist products, allowing you to move naturally and effortlessly.
  • Anti-Wobble Non-Skid Base: With the Pogo, wobbling will be a thing of the past. The stool features an anti-wobble non-skid base, ensuring your stability and security during use. You can say goodbye to unexpected slips and movements.
  • Intuitive Height Adjustment: The Pogo’s height adjustment ring is designed for user convenience. Adjusting the stool’s height is a breeze, offering a customized sitting experience.

With the Sitmatic Pogo Standing Assist Stool, you can enjoy exceptional stability, comfort, and freedom of movement.