OFS Tangent

OFS Tangent

OFS Tangent seating by OFS

OFS Tangent redefines seating possibilities with its flexible and modular design. Even in compact spaces, Tangent offers an array of seating configurations to meet the diverse needs of individuals and groups. Using a combination of ottomans, benches, and backs, you can craft unique settings that foster connection and collaboration. Whether you’re arranging a space for large gatherings or creating an individual oasis, Tangent’s versatility provides limitless possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Modular Seating: Tangent offers a set of ottomans, benches, and backs that can be arranged and combined to create diverse seating layouts, allowing you to adapt to various needs.
  • Storage and Attachment: The removable seat cushions not only provide comfortable seating but also offer storage and modular attachment options, enhancing functionality.
  • Customizable Power Options: Tangent provides power supply and module options, including electrical outlets and USB charging ports, to keep you connected and charged in the modern world.
  • Tabletop Variety: Choose from a selection of table tops and layover tables in standard/studio veneer, HPL, or solid surface materials, allowing you to personalize your space.

Tangent empowers you to design spaces that inspire connection and collaboration. Unlock your creativity with limitless seating configurations and embrace the freedom to shape your environment according to your needs and style.