OFS Applause

OFS Applause

OFS Applause by OFS

The OFS Applause collection is your answer to tailored tables for all environments. Whether it’s your office, conference room, or any other space, Applause tables offer the perfect fit, thanks to numerous shape, size, finish, and leg style options.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Complement: The Applause collection offers versatile table options designed to harmonize with any environment. Choose from a multitude of combinations to fit your specific space, needs, and budget.
  • Tech-Ready: In our tech-driven world, staying connected is essential. Applause tables seamlessly integrate technology with various power and data options, ensuring that your devices have a home at the table.
  • Active Learning: Even in confined spaces, Applause tables promote active learning with their nesting top and foldable base options. Make the most of your space without compromising on functionality.

With Applause, versatility and customization meet to create the ideal table for your needs. From your space’s aesthetic to your workflow, you have the freedom to design the perfect table.