Indiana Furniture Arlington

Indiana Arlington is a traditional office furniture collection that combines timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Elegance: Arlington embraces traditional styling with grace and embellishments, offering a touch of timeless splendor. Crafted with select walnut and cherry veneers, as well as high-pressure laminate worksurfaces, it ensures quality and expert craftsmanship.
  • Variety of Configurations: Arlington provides a range of configurations to meet the demands of modern workspaces. It offers options that blend traditional style with the flexibility required for today’s distinguished offices.
  • Height Adjustable Models: Arlington now includes height-adjustable models, infusing modern functionality into a distinguished look. This addition caters to various work preferences, promoting ergonomic well-being.
  • Enhanced Workspace: The desk pedestals within Arlington come with an extendable pullout writing shelf, expanding the worksurface area for immediate tasks. This feature adds convenience and efficiency to your work area..
  • Personalization Options: Arlington allows you to personalize the look of your workspace. You can add base and decorative molding, choose from brass or aluminum pulls, and select from cherry or walnut veneers to create a customized and unique office environment.

Indiana Arlington is a collection that combines traditional elegance with contemporary utility, offering a touch of timeless style, personalization, and the adaptability needed in modern workspaces.