Hag Capisco

Hag Capisco

HÅG Capisco Office Chair by Hag

Introducing the HÅG Capisco, a revolutionary office chair by Hag that exemplifies the fusion of ergonomic design with timeless aesthetics. Inspired by the poised posture of a horseback rider, this chair is more than just a seating solution—it’s a commitment to a more active and balanced work environment. Capisco is one of the most distinctive HAG chairs.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Saddle Seat: The Capisco’s signature saddle seat offers flexibility in sitting positions, ranging from low to high and even allowing you to transition to a standing posture with ease. This adaptability ensures that you remain dynamic in your movements while maintaining a balanced posture.
  • Adjustability at its Best: Customize your seating experience to perfection. The Capisco chair provides adjustable seat height, depth, and back height to cater to diverse body types and work settings. The intuitive controls make personalizing your chair straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Tilt Mechanism: Experience superior comfort with the adjustable and lockable tilt resistance, which lets you choose how much you want to recline and at what tension.
  • Sturdy Footbase: The chair comes with a standard footbase available in sleek black or sophisticated silver-lacquered aluminum. For those with a taste for luxury, an optional polished aluminum footbase can be chosen.
  • Standard 200 mm Gas Lift: Ensures smooth and effortless height adjustment for the seat.

Timeless Design: The HÅG Capisco is not just an office chair; it’s an iconic piece of design history. Its distinctive shape not only offers multiple seating options—forward, backward, or sideways—but also is a testament to its enduring appeal.

Experience the transformative difference of the HÅG Capisco and embrace a more dynamic and balanced workday. Choose Capisco, where innovation meets comfort.