Clear Design Blade

Clear Design Blade

Clear Design Blade

Clear Design Blade’s innovation is transforming corporate culture, redefining workstations one desk at a time. Crafted with an eye toward growth and adaptability, Blade’s sleek and minimalist design optimizes space utilization, making it a smart choice for evolving work environments. This system boasts endless configurations, offering not just style but also the utmost functionality, ensuring a high return on investment.

BLADE Open-Plan Workstations:

  • Space-Efficient Design: Blade’s minimalistic design takes up less space compared to traditional systems, providing adaptable solutions that grow with your needs.
  • Premium Features: Enjoy premium laminate finishes, fully powered surfaces (below/above), desktop power units, and customizable modesty and end panels, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Adaptable Configurations: With endless configurations available, Blade flexibly adapts to your space, ensuring it evolves alongside your organization.

BLADE Private Office Workstations:

  • Efficiency Meets Modernity: These workstations blend modern design with efficiency, offering quiet and focused spaces within the office environment.
  • Fully Powered and Modular: Enjoy fully powered surfaces (below/above), along with modular steel and laminate storage options, catering to diverse office needs.

BLADE Benching:

  • Enhanced Communication: Designed to foster effective communication, Blade’s benching system features an expanding beam support with add-on capabilities.
  • Cost-Effective and Space-Saving: Promoting an open-plan concept, this system maximizes space utilization, offering ample divider and storage options while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Clear Design Blade is more than furniture; it’s a revolution in workspace design. From open-plan workstations to private offices and benching solutions, Blade’s versatile, modern, and efficient design elevates your workspace, promoting collaboration, efficiency, and adaptability. Redefine your workspace and cultivate a culture of innovation with Clear Design Blade.