As part of an employer’s return to work plan, OIC can offer space planning and
furnishings suggestions for changes and modifications to the workspace to comply with
guidance and recommendations from the CDC.
According to multiple studies and surveys conducted by both the commercial real estate
industry and groups outside of the industry, most companies plan on returning to the
office when it is safe to do so, although very few businesses are indicating that they plan
to move to a 100% remote-working model.
Bringing employees back into the office may require careful planning for businesses.
Organizations must not only ensure that workplaces meet the safety requirements of the
post-pandemic landscape, but also serve the needs of employees who have become
accustomed to working remotely.
Open-plan office concepts can present a problem in a post-COVID society. With the goal
of complying with social distancing guidelines, Companies will want to look for
enhanced privacy cubicles. Rearranging the workstations and collaboration areas can
help minimize the spread of germs.
Social distancing cubicles, for example, feature higher walls for better division and
shielding while utilizing materials that allow natural light to flow through. Non-porous
materials such as laminate, acrylic, glass, and marker boards will help with keeping the
workplace clean.
If your budget doesn’t allow for a full office renovation, OIC can offer retrofit solutions
for your existing furniture. Great examples include cubicle privacy screens, clamp-on
desk dividers, and cubicle height extenders. There is also a wide range of both mobile
and freestanding screens on the marketplace as well in multiple sizes and in a variety of
Another consideration is that with more phone booths, huddle rooms, and focus areas, you
have less disturbing calls, less meeting room congestion, and a better workplace
experience for a one-on-one conversation.